The 2016 Ramanujan Project Fellows!

MORPH - \ˈmorf\: To undergo transformation.

A New Model of Philanthropy: We build social projects to help address the biggest challenges.

Focus Areas


India and emerging markets


Open and Mobile Education, Merit-based opportunities


Debt bonded slavery, Women Empowerment, Human Rights


Clean Water, Energy, Mobile Healthcare

Our Projects To Date

GMIC 2015 Social Innovation Award Winner. DonorFind is real-time, location-based app that revolutionizes blood, plasma, platelet & bone marrow donor matching for patients, hospitals, blood banks and donors.

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The Ramanujan Project

US summer fellowships for mathematically gifted students from India. Fully funded fellowships to the Promys and Ross Summer Programs in Math, based on merit and need. Apply between Jan - April 15 .

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Hard Problems in Social Sciences

Defining the biggest problems for the Social Sciences. Symposium held at Harvard with top social scientists, including Nicholas Christakis and Nassim Taleb. Global voting results and videos available on the project Facebook page.

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"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time. They have the heart."

Ways to Get Involved

Become a Morph Fellow

Ready to lead a project? We have a pipeline of exciting projects we will be getting off the ground over the coming months. We are looking for leaders to drive and grow each project. Have an idea for a social venture or project of your own but need funding or guidance to get it off the ground? A Morph Fellow will program manage all aspects of a project including partner development, marketing, and additional fundraising, with initial funds, help and oversight provided by Morph.Org. Can be part-time or full-time.


Become a volunteer

Current needs (part-time/virtual):

Webmaster - Maintain website; Develop sites for launch of new projects as needed.

Social Media and Community Manager - Generate awareness through key social media channels of projects. Must be adept in managing latest social media tools and a proven ability to grow a community.


Suggest a Project or Partnership

Share an idea or propose a partnership in one of our focus areas.

Have an idea for a scalable social venture or project? Let us know and your funding needs. The project will be owned by and led by you.

Part of an organization with whom we should partner to start an innovative project together? Let us know your proposal.



Phalgun Raju

Chairman & Co-founder

Nicholas Nash


Want to know more?

As eternal optimists, through we want to remove barriers in some of the world's biggest challenges and shine a light on areas that are not getting attention from the traditional not-for profit sector. Unlike traditional philanthropy where non-profit organizations are funded by foundations and individuals, we are focused on ideating, funding and building social ventures and projects with key chosen partners and organizations.

Our current focus is on India and emerging markets. Our social venture ideas and projects involve one or more of the following: Complex coordination, fostering excellence, scalable technological solutions, or changing societal perceptions of key issues.

If you are ready to lead, we have opportunities for you to own and scale one of our many projects in the pipeline as a Morph Fellow. We also have virtual volunteer opportunities for people with a passion for our mission and projects.

- Phalgun Raju & Nick Nash, Co-founder,

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